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The maintenance of physical condition, and functional capacity, reduces sufficiently the risk of various diseases, while leading the elderly in a qualitative and also an independent living.
The Physical Exercise Unit (Physical Training Component - PTC), is based on the FitForAll software, which was developed in the Medical Physics Laboratory, School of Medicine, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The FitForAll is a game platform that helps the elderly to exersize their body and maintain their fitness and well-being through the use of an innovative, low-cost and widely accepted technology platform (Kinect device).

FitForAll training programm includes protocols with exercizes that were specifically designed for elderly by vulnerable team of scientists specialized in this field and its characteristics (eg dementia) with years of experience. This programm helps enhancing aerobic capacity, flexibility, the balance and empowering the muscles. Furthermore, the self-adjusting level of difficulty according to the performance of the trainee, is designed to achieve optimal exercise of various functions of the body.